Equity Lifting Solutions

Equity Lifting Solutions (ELS) is a leading gas and power consultancy specialising in the commercialisation of gas and power projects for third party owners of gas.

ELS have unparalleled commercial and operating experience on Australia’s largest energy projects including North West Shelf, Burrup Hub (Scarborough), Wheatstone, Gorgon and Prelude. Their mission is to equip customers with world-class capabilities through exceptional people.

With a purpose to create a level playing field, ELS respects the equality, difference, and interdependence of all people. Their values are: generosity, integrity, truth, courage and commitment, which align with EnergySys' values of honesty, integrity, innovation, lifelong learning for all, respect and quality.

Areas of expertise:

  • Provides commercial operations services to energy project participant.
  • Specialists in full LNG equity lifting value chain – Production Allocation Agreements, Gas Processing Agreements (liquefaction), Lifting Agreements, Sales and Purchase Agreements, Terminal Usage Agreements (regasification).
  • Unparalleled combined experience in commercial operations – product lifting, equity lifting, shipping operations – across nearly all Australian equity lifting projects.
  • Support of clients during contract negotiations and subsequent contract operationalisation.

Solutions to customer pain points:

  • ELS brings world class experience to level the playing field for our customers.
  • ELS brings scheduling capability to customers at much less cost than employing a specialist full time.
  • ELS uses its experience on all Australian assets to greatly reduce the time to commercialise a project.
  • ELS asset specific contract knowledge and commercial operations experience allows third party gas owners to shorten the time to a) assess asset commercialisation potential pre FID and b) commercially operationalise projects post FID.


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