Accord Energy Solutions is a highly experienced EnergySys implementation partner. As a well-respected independent specialist hydrocarbon accounting resource base for the international oil and gas industry, Accord can bring expert knowledge and support to any project.  


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Areas of expertise:

  • Production and Revenue Forecasting 
  • Production Data Management 
  • Well Allocation 
  • Commercial Allocation 
  • Stock Accounting and Tanker Movements 
  • Transportation Systems 
  • Loss Management 
  • Sales Quantities, Pricing and Invoicing 
  • Environmental 
  • Modelling 
  • EnergySys Implementations 


Accord Energy Solutions is an Implementation Partner. This means they quote, contract and invoice for services separately to EnergySys, who quote, contract and invoice for the software. There is no automatic coverage of first and second-line support with an Implementation Partner. 

EnergySys will provide third-line support for the platform, but we recommend you put in place a separate support contract with a partner that understands your specific configuration and set up. We also strongly recommend you document your instance set-up and requirements, so any future third parties required to work on your instance have a single source of truth on which to refer.   

Customers they've worked with: