Accord Energy Solutions is an EnergySys Reseller partner.

Accord Energy Solutions are an independent, specialist hydrocarbon accounting consultancy with offices in the UK and Australia. They are a highly experienced and fully independent hydrocarbon accounting consultancy, specialising in Measurement, Allocation and System Delivery projects for clients in the global energy sector.

As a well-respected independent specialist hydrocarbon accounting resource base for the international oil and gas industry, Accord can bring expert knowledge and support to any project.

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How have customers utilised Accord's expertise?

HA System for South Caucasus Pipeline in Record Time

Hydrocarbon Accounting System for Absheron Field, Caspian Sea

SAGE Terminal System Implementation with CHARM

This operator chose Accord to implement EnergySys to replace their legacy system. The implementation process took just 9 weeks and the new system now offers many advantages over the previous system.

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This international project used Accord's expertise in allocation engineering and involved the transparent implementation of complex allocation agreements. Accord's modules were able to handle prior period adjustments correctly.

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Accord was asked by a leading Australian oil and gas company to review the operating procedures, documentation and the calculations coded within an EnergySys implementation.

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Areas of expertise:

  • Production and Revenue Forecasting
  • Production Data Management
  • Well Allocation
  • Commercial Allocation
  • Stock Accounting and Tanker Movements
  • Transportation Systems
  • Loss Management
  • Sales Quantities, Pricing and Invoicing
  • Environmental
  • Modelling
  • EnergySys Implementations


Accord Energy Solutions is a Reseller Partner and can sell both services and software. This means you can invoice everything under one contract. With this type of partner, you will receive both first and second-line support from them as part of your contract. EnergySys will supply third-line support for the platform. 

Customers they've worked with

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