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Meet your sustainability goals with low-code software designed to help you reduce emissions, streamline operations, and easily manage your energy transition.


Your partner in the energy transition

The energy industry is undergoing another transformation. In the wake of mounting pressure to reduce emissions and make producing energy more environmentally friendly, energy producers are turning to digital solutions to manage the transition.

Whether you have committed to decarbonisation, made net zero pledges and or plan to diversify your portfolio with renewables, every successful energy transition plan relies on agile software.

EnergySys, by its very nature, is designed for flexibility and can support any number of data management requirements. Because it’s low-code, business users can create applications quickly and easily for their unique requirements. This makes it the perfect choice for those looking to add new assets to their portfolio or track their emissions.

For those looking to get started on their energy transition journey faster, or requiring expert guidance, several EnergySys partners have template applications that can assist with forecasting and planning, as well as specified GHG emissions tracking and measurement data management across various disciplines, including GHG tracking, LNG, Hydrocarbon Accounting and more.

These templates are designed to address the unique needs of each client, providing you with a versatile toolset. This tailored approach ensures compliance and also empowers our clients to make informed decisions that can contribute to the success of their energy initiatives. 

Emissions Management with Elite Energy Consultants

To help businesses comply with legal obligations, Elite Energy Consultants created an application framework for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions in EnergySys.

The framework attempts to foster creative thinking and debates on client-specific GHG configuration to ensure the suggested solution precisely satisfies the client's operational and system requirements. This method allows the client to comprehend and make educated adjustments by ensuring transparency, alignment, and clarity regarding the implementation path.

Check out the Greenhouse Gas Application Framework from Elite here.

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EnergySys and the Energy Transition
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Greenhouse gas reporting for oil and gas

Streamlining gas transmission operations

Renewable energy goals in Australia

EnergySys partner-built templates offer a holistic solution to the complex challenge of reporting greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas industry. As environmental concerns continue to build, embracing innovative solutions like EnergySys partner-built templates is a compliance necessity and a strategic imperative for long-term success. 

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EnergySys software can revolutionise the way gas transmission companies manage their operations. By optimising transportation routes, ensuring reliability, and facilitating real-time decision-making, EnergySys helps businesses successfully achieve their operational goals while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Australia's renewable energy future is bright, and EnergySys is at the forefront of this transformative journey. By leveraging advanced software solutions like EnergySys, organisations can unlock the full potential of Australia's renewable energy resources, driving sustainable development and prosperity for generations to come.

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A simple, fast way to reduce your emissions

Those looking for a quick fix, simply switching to EnergySys could help you reduce your emissions by up to 80% (AWS Report). Not only are we a part of the SME Business Climate Hub and have pledged to be Net Zero by 2050, but we are an AWS Technology partner.

As a company, AWS have some of the most ambitious sustainability goals in the industry. They provide our infrastructure, so those green credentials are automatically passed on to EnergySys users.

Could switching to a SaaS solution like EnergySys help your Net Zero goals?

Effectively Track GHG with Accord

Our partners at Accord Energy Solutions have begun to share their expertise in the measurement of flaring and fuel gas consumption to assist customers in automating and supporting emissions reporting.

Accord's projects range from simple provision of production data to environmental systems, through capture of metering data and calculations of emissions quantities and related uncertainties.

The team has the tools and expertise in measurement, audit, process engineering and system delivery to support them within the evolving regulatory environment.

Get ahead of the curve and predict flare gas properties required to calculate combustion efficiency accurately with Combustor from EnergySys and Accord.


Making emissions tracking count with production accounting

The EnergySys Cloud Platform provides the ability to perform Greenhouse Gas Emission and Energy calculations in the same space as the Production Allocation system, which offers a transparent and auditable source of truth which can be used to report crucial information to businesses.

In our paper published at the APPEA conference paper we, alongside Reseller Partner Elite Energy Consultants, discuss how easy it is to integrate emissions tracking with your production accounting.

Is tracking GHG in production accounting efficient?

Empowering the energy transition with low code software

Conventional software development cycles can prove time-consuming and costly. They often impede the energy industry’s ability to innovate and adapt swiftly, ultimately stalling energy transition and business growth.

In this blog, we explore why low-code software is fast becoming the go-to solution for agile businesses looking to navigate energy transition.

Empowering energy transition with low-code software

As we are already a cloud-native, remote-working organisation, the natural next step for us was to join the UK’s Business Climate Leaders campaign. As part of this initiative, we are working towards halving our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050. As a home-working organisation, we have no direct emissions, but we do heat and cool our home workspaces, travel to conferences and business meetings, and use cloud services to run our business.

Hosting on AWS allows us to benefit from our cloud provider’s initiatives to achieve net zero. However, we have a responsibility to run the rest of our service, and our business, in a manner that, to the maximum extent possible, eliminates carbon emissions.

EnergySys Goals
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To provide seamless integration, simple calculation logic, secure data management and automation to improve operational efficiency across your business.

To support a multitude of assets: large, small, multiple, complex, renewable, and more, as the industry transitions.

To provide resources on cloud's role in the journey to net zero, how digitalisation is transforming the energy industry and innovations in low code software.