The Platform

We built EnergySys in the cloud before it was popular, at a time when people weren’t certain whether the oil and gas industry would ever be comfortable to adopt the cloud. However, we felt we could deliver some fantastic benefits and, more importantly, free up the resources of our customers to focus on growing their business. That meant building a platform that truly delivers unbeatable features.



Every change, every interaction with the system, every automated process, is logged. We keep a complete audit trail and version history, so you know who made a change, when they made it, and what the values were before and after. Lock dates are available to stop unauthorised or accidental changes to approved data. You can expect to have partner audits, and you might want or need to achieve SOX compliance; whatever you want to achieve, EnergySys provides the tools to support you.


No Hardware Maintenance

We have resilient everything, from firewalls to switches to servers and on, even to data centres. All of this is intended to ensure that we can undertake necessary hardware maintenance, and fix any hardware problems, without you ever being aware of it. It’s a big job, and we don’t think it’s one you should have to worry about.


No Software Downloads or Patching

Access to EnergySys is via your web browser on your desktop or mobile device, so there’s no need to download and install software.

Also, our team work hard to make sure that all of our server software is running optimally, with constant monitoring and compatibility testing for all new releases of operating systems and infrastructure software. All this means that you don’t have to do the boring job of managing servers, and you can get on with more interesting stuff.



Unlimited Email Support

We’re committed to outstanding customer support and, along with our defect resolution commitment, we offer unlimited email support. If you think you’ve identified a problem with the product, or any of the standard apps, or something isn’t working the way you’d expect, then you can email our core support team who will always be ready to investigate and advise.


Defect Resolution

Heaven forbid that our team should ever introduce a defect, but in the event that there’s a problem with the core platform, or one of the standard apps, we fix it in accordance with our published service levels. There’s no extra charge, and no limits.


Regular System Upgrades

The applications running on our platform are configured, not programmed. That means that the core product can be upgraded without impact on existing applications, so you get regular updates with new features and enhancements at least twice a year. There’s no need for you to do anything to get these great upgrades, and there’s no additional charge. Everything is included with your subscription. It’s another of the benefits of being in the cloud.


Simple Data Loading

Manual enter data, or upload files via email or web services. Data can be in the form of CSV files, or regular text, or XML, or Excel spreadsheets. And our import merge functionality means that you can use files of essentially any format, so there’s no need to get partners or third-parties to modify their data formats before sending information to you.


Powerful Reporting

Your applications come with beautiful, pixel-perfect reports, including dashboards and drill-down reports. When you need to create your own reports, our built-in ad hoc reports editor allows you to view and extract data, creating charts, dashboards, cross-tabs and tables in a standard web browser. And it’s all included as part of your subscription.



Create powerful workflows by chaining processes, and make complex calculations simple. For example, it’s easy to configure the system to run allocations for multiple days, or to have incoming email data processed automatically. There’s no bespoke programming, and you’re completely in control.



Your data security is of primary importance to us. We build and own our own server infrastructure hosted in the UK. We use data centres that have ISO 27001 certification, and replicate your data between them. We create incremental nightly and weekly full backups, all of which are encrypted. Selected backups are held offsite. We use SSL for all server communications, including internal links between servers, in combination with firewall-based routing and access control. Role-based security means that users can be assigned only the privileges they need to get the job done.


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Customer Stories

What Clients Say

“I couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to implement EnergySys. The cloud platform and flexible interface is exactly what we needed to keep up with our dynamic operating teams. The EnergySys team performed remarkably during a tight integration timeline. And since then, they’ve been there whenever we’ve needed any help. Their direct and immediate support model truly sets them apart."
BP Lower 48, USA
"I like the automatic data uploads (from PI) and processes (monthly reports). Both of these aspects save time and reduce error. Since implementing EnergySys, I have found that there is more organisation, an auditable process and a move away from spreadsheets which improves accuracy."
Ithaca Energy, UK
"We've been working with EnergySys for 15 years now…and I think that's the important thing, to have that personal touch'  
Apache logotype
"TAQA needed their production allocation solution to work in conjunction with OFM for in depth reporting. The EnergySys platform easily integrates with third party software.”
TAQA Bratani, UK
"What we've just done and how quickly we've done it, would not have been possible with any other tool"
TAQA Bratani, UK
"I like the idea of building something web-based that I or any of my employees can operate. It's not like a big heavy software system that sits on a server and requires a lot of attention or maintenance" Norbert Csaszar, President
Midenergy Operating, Texas USA