Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting in the Oil & Gas Industry

At EnergySys, we’re more than just a software solution—we’re your partners in engineering innovation. As a leading provider of low-code software, we specialise in delivering configurable and user-friendly applications tailored to the energy industry's unique needs. Our mission is simple: to simplify complex processes and empower engineering business users to create applications that meet and exceed their requirements.  

In today's rapidly evolving environmental landscape, the imperative to monitor and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions has never been more pressing. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the oil and gas industry, where operations inherently produce significant emissions. As regulatory bodies tighten their grip and stakeholders demand transparency, companies must adopt efficient solutions to track and report their environmental impact. 

Partner Templates

Enter EnergySys partner-built templates – a proven game-changer in simplifying greenhouse gas emissions reporting for oil and gas companies. These templates offer a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to the industry's unique needs, providing numerous benefits beyond mere compliance. 

Introducing partner templates—solutions co-created with our reseller partners designed to streamline various processes, such as reporting greenhouse gas emissions for oil and gas companies. These meticulously crafted templates go beyond mere compliance, offering a comprehensive suite of tools finely tuned to the industry’s requirements.

With partner templates, businesses access many benefits, from enhanced efficiency to insightful analytics. 

Accuracy and Consistency 

One of the foremost advantages of using EnergySys partner-built templates is the assurance of accuracy and consistency in emissions data reporting. By adhering to industry standards and best practices, these templates eliminate the risk of errors that may arise from manual data entry or disparate reporting methods. This ensures that stakeholders can trust the integrity of the reported emissions data, enhancing credibility and transparency. 

Efficiency and Time Savings 

Traditional methods of emissions reporting often involve laborious manual processes, consuming valuable time and resources. EnergySys partner-built templates streamline this process by automating data collection, calculation, and reporting tasks. This reduces the burden on personnel and significantly cuts down the time required for compliance activities. Companies can allocate resources more efficiently, focusing on core operations rather than bureaucratic paperwork. 

Customisation and Flexibility 

While standardised reporting frameworks are essential for consistency, every oil and gas operation is unique, with varying emission sources and reporting requirements. EnergySys partner-built templates offer a high degree of customisation, allowing companies to tailor their reporting processes to suit specific operational parameters whilst maintaining regulatory structure. Whether accounting for fugitive emissions, venting, or flaring, these templates can be adapted to capture data accurately, ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates while accommodating organisational nuances. 

Integration and Data Management 

In today's digital age, data is king. EnergySys partner-built templates seamlessly integrate with existing data management systems, facilitating smooth data flow across the organisation. This integration enhances data accuracy and provides valuable insights into emission trends and performance metrics. Companies can leverage this data-driven approach to identify areas for improvement, optimise processes, and reduce their environmental footprint. 

Risk Mitigation and Future-Proofing 

With regulatory scrutiny on the rise and public awareness of environmental issues at an all-time high, the stakes for non-compliance have never been more significant. EnergySys partner-built templates help mitigate this risk by ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards. By staying ahead of the curve, companies can future-proof their operations against evolving environmental regulations and stakeholder expectations, safeguarding their social license to operate. 

Cost Savings and ROI 

The initial investment in implementing EnergySys partner-built templates is highly competitive, and the long-term cost savings, both financial and in reputation, far outweigh the upfront expenditure. Companies can achieve significant cost efficiencies by streamlining reporting processes, reducing manual errors, and optimising resource allocation. Moreover, the enhanced credibility and transparency resulting from accurate emissions reporting can open doors to new opportunities and partnerships, further bolstering the return on investment. 


EnergySys partner-built templates offer a holistic solution to the complex challenge of reporting greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas industry. By combining accuracy, efficiency, customisation, integration, risk mitigation, and cost savings, these templates empower companies to navigate the regulatory landscape while driving sustainable business practices confidently. As environmental concerns continue to take centre stage, embracing innovative solutions like EnergySys partner-built templates is a compliance necessity and a strategic imperative for long-term success. 



Interested in our Partner-built Templates for GHG?

Explore the solutions our partners have built on the EnergySys Cloud Platform below and take the first step to simplifying your Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tracking.

Emissions Management with Elite Energy Consultants

To help businesses comply with legal obligations, Elite Energy Consultants created an application framework for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions in EnergySys.

The framework attempts to foster creative thinking and debates on client-specific GHG configuration to ensure the suggested solution precisely satisfies the client's operational and system requirements. This method allows the client to comprehend and make educated adjustments by ensuring transparency, alignment, and clarity regarding the implementation path.

Check out the Greenhouse Gas Application Framework from Elite here.

Elite logo 2

Effectively Track GHG emissions with Accord

Our partners at Accord Energy Solutions have begun to share their expertise in the measurement of flaring and fuel gas consumption to assist customers in automating and supporting emissions reporting.

Accord's projects range from simple provision of production data to environmental systems, through capture of metering data and calculations of emissions quantities and related uncertainties.

The team has the tools and expertise in measurement, audit, process engineering and system delivery to support them within the evolving regulatory environment.

Get ahead of the curve and predict flare gas properties required to calculate combustion efficiency accurately with Combustor from EnergySys and Accord.


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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting in the Oil & Gas Industry

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