EnergySys and Quadface Team Up to Deliver Innovation

It is with pleasure that EnergySys Limited, a leading low-code energy software provider, announce Quadface as the latest Reseller partner to join its growing partner network.

Based in India, Quadface are well known within APAC for their application management and professional services. They offer an array of consulting services to their customers, including implementation, end user support, business consulting, quality assurance and business analytics.

Boasting over 50 years’ experience within the energy industry, including hydrocarbon accounting, Quadface also has significant experience in retail, telecommunications and infrastructure. They provide bespoke solutions to address a range of problems, including business transformation consulting in the retail and telecom domain, providing value-driven quality. As part of their commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, Quadface utilise concepts like automation, DevOps, and cloud computing to deliver a first-class service to their customers.

Prasad Deshpande, Founder of Quadface said; ‘Becoming an EnergySys partner opens many doors for us as a business and being able to offer and create our own applications for end users gives us a technological edge that can lead our end users towards a successful future.’

Using EnergySys, customers can create secure, scalable, and resilient cloud applications that meet their exact requirements. Combining the flexibility and familiarity of Excel with the power and security of cloud, EnergySys enables business users to quickly and easily create bespoke solutions for their unique requirements. This flexibility and ease of use combined with the domain knowledge and resourcing support from partners like Quadface, mean users of EnergySys can go-live in weeks not months and reduce total cost of ownership by as much as 95%.

Kirsty Armitage, Marketing and Alliances Director of EnergySys said “We are thrilled to announce the addition of Quadface to our partner program. The Quadface team are highly driven and their combined approach to innovation and client-support is very much aligned with our own. Quadface’s expertise in energy and new verticals begins a new chapter in our story, and we are truly excited to explore extending our solution to clients beyond the Energy industry.”


The EnergySys Cloud Platform is a revolution in the marketplace. It is designed from the ground up to run in the AWS Cloud. With it’s origins in hydrocarbon accounting and production reporting, the platform allows customers and partners to deliver solutions as configuration on a general, standard low-code platform. The platform has unlimited potential, though, and can be applied to address a broad spectrum of other technical data management problems.

The Platform provides a simple, fast, cost-effective way to create secure, enterprise-grade cloud applications that exactly meet the business needs. Custom solutions without software customisation. Business users can configure entire solutions, and change them in the future, without any vendor or third-party assistance. There’s no need for specialist programming skills or IT resources, and no on-premises kit to manage. If they need extra resources for this work, or are seeking best practices, they can turn to a growing list of experienced Partners to help.

The Platform provides the end user with enormous flexibility to do the jobs they need to do, to support the specific requirements of their assets, and to accommodate change whenever required.

The majority of our customers are in the energy sector and include super-majors, small independents, and everything in between, with assets of all types.

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They have created applications for a range of purposes: 

  • Production allocation and reporting 
  • Managing market regulation 
  • Planning and forecasting 
  • Tracking and reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
  • Performance analysis 
  • Processing partner operated asset data 
  • Managing commercial processes around capacity booking, nominations, and product quality difference for pipelines 
  • Tracking, reporting, and forecasting product inventory, transport availability and journey times for cargo dispatching 
  • Production optimisation 
  • Invoicing 
  • Marine Vetting 
  • Pipeline Management 


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