Equity Lifting Solutions Pty Ltd Announced as the Latest EnergySys Reseller Partner

EnergySys Limited, the most powerful low code platform for energy, is delighted to announce Equity Lifting Solutions Pty Ltd (‘ELS’) as the latest company to become a Reseller partner.

ELS, headquartered in Perth, Australia, is a leading gas and power consultancy specialising in the commercial negotiation and operationalisation of large scale gas and power projects. ELS have unparalleled commercial and operating experience on Australia’s largest energy projects including North West Shelf, Burrup Hub (Scarborough), Wheatstone, Gorgon and Prelude. Their impressive client list ranges from multinational gas and power utilities to end users of gas.

Equity Lifting refers to an LNG Project ownership and marketing structure, where project equity holders (Joint Venture Partners) have an entitlement to LNG and domestic gas, but also an obligation to off-take (known as Lifting), transport and market. Typically, one equity holder will act as the Project Operator. Equity Lifting is contrasted with Joint Marketing, where a marketing and shipping organisation is formed to serve Joint Venture Partners equally and revenue and costs from LNG sales are divided equally amongst partners.

Most Australian LNG projects have moved to an Equity Lifting structure, to allow large multinational organisations to fully own and manage the sale of single cargoes. By owning production from a ‘portfolio’ of global Equity Lifting LNG projects, a company can increase enhance security its customers.

Ken Chan, Managing Director of ELS said, “As a Reseller partner, ELS can embed its unique commercial and operational expertise within asset-specific ‘operating-systems’ that enable existing and future owners of gas assets to quickly commercialise their projects. What we love so much about EnergySys is how quickly it can be configured and how simply customers can internally manage changes to their process logic.”

Dr Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys Limited, said “Our growth in the APAC region is something we’re immensely proud of and is testimony to a growing need for flexible, value-driven software within an increasingly agile energy industry. The ELS team has unique and world-leading expertise and experience, and our partnership will ensure that customers have access to powerful solutions that meet the unique challenges of the LNG market. Together, we can offer a comprehensive and dynamic service that will be unmatched in the region, if not the world.”

EnergySys’ meteoric growth in Australia demonstrates a real demand for agile energy software. In just four years, EnergySys has grown from a new entrant to being responsible for managing the data for over 70% of Australia’s hydrocarbons. Recognising the scale of the opportunities in Australia, the company recently announced the appointment of Justin Stirling to lead their Australian subsidiary.

Justin Stirling, Director of EnergySys Pty Ltd and facilitator of the ELS partnership, said ‘I’ve worked with ELS before and their knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to innovation and transformational change is perfectly aligned with our own vision for the energy industry. I look forward to supporting Ken and his team on their journey as Resellers as we serve the Australian market.”