What could you do with configurable, low code software?

Low code platforms bring flexible, cost-effective solutions to the table. So, why stick with a system that isn’t future-proof?


Flexibility. Accessibility. Cost-efficiency.

Low code platforms has been increasing in popularity over the past few years, especially since the industry shift in 2020.

Companies have needed to rethink their workforce, budget and strategy in order to continue business growth, as well as remain competitive in an ever-evolving industry.

It is now more crucial than ever to stay ahead of the curve, and one guaranteed way to do this is to ensure that your software can handle everything you require it to do.

Harnessing low code software to avoid potential losses is something that Todd Energy was able to do, during the oil price downturn in 2016.

By using software that enables predictions, not solely reactions, Todd was able to minimise the amount of locked in potential as well as counter a possible 30% asset decline.

How is the emergence of low code affecting businesses?

Is your software still the right choice?

Is low code becoming the norm?

Traditional vs modern software

Software that remains stuck in the past will cease to help businesses in the future. It's now more essential than ever to invest in software that helps rather than hinders.

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"These platforms obviously help to minimise infrastructure and implementation costs." When large companies are leaving traditional software behind, it begs the question of why?

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Upgrades and implementations are known for being expensive and disruptive. The best option now is for a platform that offers a seamless transition to future-proof software.

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See low code software in action

"After implementing two systems, one to replace a major Enterprise architecture, I can tell you EnergySys jumps the curve when it comes to solving all three challenges. This, along with the “no code” concept, makes adapting to ever changing operational requirements very quick and inexpensive."