What could you do with configurable, low code software?

Low code platforms bring flexible, cost-effective solutions to the table. Consider opting for a system that can remain relevant and effective in the future.

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Flexibility. Accessibility. Cost-efficiency.

Low code platforms have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, especially since the drastic industry shift in 2020. The industry faced the possibility of decreased prices and production losses. To prevent this, they aimed to ensure accurate data and forecasting.

Companies must adapt to the rapidly changing industry to stay competitive. To adjust to new challenges, companies need to reevaluate their workforce, budget, and growth strategy. This means finding new ways to operate and adapt.

In this rapidly adapting industry, it's more important than ever to keep up-to-date. Having software that can handle everything you need it to is the first step in ensuring your business can keep up.

Low code development platforms are becoming the go-to for competitive businesses. Gartner believes over 50% of medium and large businesses will be using low code platforms by the end of 2024. These will then deliver over 65% of app development.

It's not difficult to understand why, when the benefits of low code platforms are so extensive.

How is the emergence of low code affecting businesses?
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Overcome complex upgrades with low code

How one user unlocked scalability and agility

The benefits of migrating to low code

Upgrading your legacy software can seem like the simplest thing to do. However, these upgrades can be time-consuming, troublesome and expensive. Low code allows users to receive the most up-to-date software without hassle or extensive budget.

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Ancala, an independent operator, streamlined asset management for its complex North Sea business by adopting EnergySys’ low code software. They achieved newfound flexibility that allowed them to better manage their diverse operations.

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Software migrations can seem daunting and unnecessary if your legacy system is working fine. However, we believe your business deserves more than just fine. The benefits of low code software are significant and can take your company to new heights.

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Being able to effectively visualise and quickly edit your data is key to a good Hydrocarbon Accounting system. When considering a new solution, it's unsurprising that flexibility is the most common challenge faced by users.

By integrating EnergySys with Power BI, our users are able to quickly and easily update their data and create visual reports that meet their exact requirements. Flexibility and simple visualisation all in one place.


Is your software still the right choice?

Is low code becoming the norm?

Traditional vs modern software

Software that remains stuck in the past will cease to help businesses in the future. It's now more essential than ever to invest in software that helps rather than hinders.

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"These platforms obviously help to minimise infrastructure and implementation costs." When large companies are leaving traditional software behind, it begs the question of why?

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Upgrades and implementations are known for being expensive and disruptive. The best option now is for a platform that offers a seamless transition to future-proof software.

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See low code software in action

"After implementing two systems, one to replace a major Enterprise architecture, I can tell you EnergySys jumps the curve when it comes to solving all three challenges. This, along with the “no code” concept, makes adapting to ever-changing operational requirements very quick and inexpensive."

Discover the technical intricacies of low-code applications and the manifold advantages they offer.

Learn how EnergySys stands out as the best low-code solution for your energy enterprise. Learn to differentiate between various low-code solutions and find out why EnergySys is the ideal choice for your specific needs.