White Papers

The Digital Oilfield Ten Years On: A Literature Review

EnergySys Managing Director, Dr Peter Black, explores the role of the Digital Oilfield, whether it actually exists, and if we should be focussing elsewhere in order to improve performance and boost profits.

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The End of Corporate Computing: Revisited

Understand why the age of man-time projects is dead and how cloud gives control back to the users, allowing you the freedom to deliver extraordinary results.

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Cutting the Costs of Hydrocarbon Accounting: A Focus on Performance Improvement

Even so-called “standard” systems are unnecessarily expensive to acquire, maintain and upgrade. Discover how you can cut your costs and improve performance with this paper.

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Transforming Production Management: Allocation and Reporting of Volumes

Cloud solutions, like EnergySys, are transforming the economics of oil and gas production reporting. To find out the full impact of this change, read the white paper now.

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The Disruptive Impact of the Cloud on Oil and Gas

Oil and gas IT is in crisis. Despite a booming market, there has been a pattern of prolonged under-investment combined with a chronic lack of vision. Oil and gas companies without a plan for movement to the cloud are already late in the adoption cycle, and their more agile competitors are likely to be significantly better placed to compete as a result. This free paper explores the need for change, how cloud is revolutionising the industry and why early adopters are surging ahead of the competition.

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Challenges in Hydrocarbon Allocation

In 2013 EnergySys, founders of the first cloud apps platform for the agile oil and gas business, surveyed over 500 oil and gas companies about challenges faced by organisations and individuals working within Hydrocarbon Allocation (HCA).

The results highlighted a number of key issues, some of which are profound for the oil and gas industry. This free report looks in detail at the results, and what they mean for the industry and individuals working within the HCA profession. Use the insights to shape your strategies, support your team and make your business more agile.

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