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As the first cloud platform specifically designed to accommodate the requirement for constant change of the oil and gas industry, we have successfully built a foundation for your business that you can rapidly configure, change, and extend, all without programming or expensive consultants.

Our Production Allocation Standard software is a complete end-to-end solution for Hydrocarbon Allocation and Reporting, and allows your to store all of your different assets on one standard digital platform, giving you the control to adapt to your changing needs as time goes on. Nothing else is as scalable, or offers a clearer value proposition.

“The choice is stark. Either develop a strategy for the cloud, or plan to be out of business within ten years.”

Dr Peter Black, Managing Director and CEO of EnergySys.

White Paper | The End of Corporate Computing: Revisited

The oil and gas industry is volatile, and it has become necessary to embrace cloud technology in order to be able to cope with constant change, operate more efficiently, improve profit margins, and out-perform competitors.

Read Dr Peter Black’s latest white paper ‘The End of Corporate Computing: Revisited’, and learn why cloud is the death of expensive man-time projects, how it can help you leverage market uncertainty into opportunity, transform your business, and advice for implementing a cloud strategy immediately.

Download Peter’s latest white paper, The End of Corporate Computing: Revisited, and learn:

  • The definition of cloud,
  • The three tenets of cloud computing,
  • The evolution of the cloud model and the end of corporate computing,
  • The multiplicative power of the cloud,
  • How you can get started. Now.

Download your copy here.

Dr Peter’s Three Lessons for Transformational Change

Dr Peter Black, CEO and Managing Director of EnergySys, discussed the three lessons he learned from reviewing the Digital Oilfield (watch the full video of his review here).

He said that companies should focus on incremental improvement, instead of wasting time on mythical silver bullets like Digital Oilfield, that over-promise and under deliver.

Watch his three short clips below:

Lesson 1: Incremental Improvement


Lesson 2: The Importance of Transformational Change


Lesson 3: Free the Porcupine


“Everything we do, we focus on what we do better than anyone else. Which is create technology for oil and gas.”

We hope this portal has given you enough information to take your first step into transformational change. Just to refresh your memory on some of the benefits of cloud software before you go, why not have a look at our short clip of Dr Peter Black, who highlights some of the advantages of cloud.

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White Paper

Read one of Peter’s earlier white papers, ‘Cut the Cost of Hydrocarbon Accounting: A Focus on Performance Improvement.’

Download your copy here.



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