The Future of Oil and Gas: Migrating to the Cloud


“The choice is stark. Either develop a strategy for the cloud, or plan to be out of business within ten years.”

Dr Peter Black, Managing Director EnergySys

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  • The definition of cloud, and why not all cloud models are the same
  • How cloud creates transformational change
  • Why most security concerns are myths
  • Why you should only be paying for valued delivered, not value promised
  • The changing role of IT and how to empower the business
  • How to get started. Now.

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In his latest paper ‘The End of Corporate Computing: Revisited’, EnergySys Managing Director, Dr Peter Black, explores the role of cloud technology in oil and gas, and how it will bring transformational change.

For too long, oil and gas IT has been viewed as a cost centre and an inhibitor to progress. No longer. The role of IT is changing, and, by adopting cloud technology, it becomes integral to the performance of the business, giving users back control and identifying opportunities for growth. Traditional approaches to IT are no longer fit for purpose. 

Using a mixture of case studies, expert references, and over 30 years knowledge of the oil and gas industry, Dr Black explains why the age of expensive man-time projects is over, how cloud can help you leverage market uncertainty into opportunity, why those that do not adopt it now will be left behind, and tips for getting started. 

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Get the Paper Now!

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“Oil and gas IT is like owning an exotic pet”

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For real change, the oil and gas industry must look to transformative technologies, like cloud. In this short clip, Dr Peter Black’s explains the problem with oil and gas IT, and that  traditional approaches are no longer sustainable. 

If you’d like to know more, get in touch, or why not watch the full presentation at

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