Oracle versus Google

James Gosling clearly joins the wider development community in condemning Oracle’s decision to pursue Google over alleged wilful patent violation. It’s hard to argue with such esteemed commentators, and I do share an aversion to software patents, though less so to closed source (and I do understand they’re linked). However, I do think that most of the arguments reflect a particular world view, and it’s definitely not one that Oracle shares.


Oracle and Sun Strategy Webcast

The Oracle Sun webcast is going now, and I thought I’d blog what was interesting (for me, at least) as it goes. I’m not going to post this live, but I’ll have a go at capturing the key ideas as it goes.

First up is Charles Phillips, President of Oracle.

The new “red blocks” picture for the Oracle stack adds the Operating System, the Virtual Machine, the server and the storage, so it’s no longer just Applications, Middleware and Database. They want to be the IBM of the 1960s, but building on open standards.


Oracle and Sun: Predicting the Future

It’s done, and the takeover of Sun by Oracle will go ahead. Now the speculation on the future can begin, though we should learn some of the likely strategy during a web conference this evening. I’ll post on that when it’s done. However, I thought it might be fun to speculate ahead of the news, not least because I don’t expect there to be complete clarity even after the call. The topics reflect my own interests, rather than any attempt to be comprehensive.


Oracle and Sun Strategy: Forecast Accuracy

Okay, one of the most important things that I failed to consider and forecast was the time before the first sighting in the wild of a Borg picture and reference to assimilation. Too late now.

Clearly, even blogging policies can be a source of pain and evidence of malevolence when things are so confused and the feelings of loss are strong. However, when I look at what is being saved at Sun I have to feel positive about the idea that a company is going to take great technology and make money out of it. Even the switch in manufacturing, from build-to-stock to build-to-order, and simplification of the supply chain, reflects a refreshing willingness to take fundamental parts of the business and re-engineer them to improve performance.


Sun and Oracle

There’s a lot (perhaps too much) in the blogosphere about Oracle’s acquisition of Sun and the failures of the pony-tailed one. As a result I’ve avoided any comment, despite the fact that the content to date seems to have been dominated by the views of those whose involvement is restricted to the ownership of shares.


Solaris 10 SMF manifest for starting Tomcat as a non-root user

Following a server reboot I found our web sites were down because I’d forgotten to set up Tomcat to restart on boot. Given that we’re using Solaris 10 I wanted to run it using the Service Management Facility (SMF). I found the blog here to be an extremely useful starting point, but it didn’t include the manifest that the author used. While a comment on the blog did provide a sample, it did not address the issue of running Tomcat as a user other than root when you want the server to listen on port 80. Further, I also set my CATALINA_BASE and CATALINA_HOME and again this wasn’t addressed.