Will you buy an iPad without a camera?

With the release of the iPad this week, Apple demonstrated their ability to do two things: build desirable products and generate unbelievable hype. Arguably, the second frequently acts to the detriment of the first, in that nothing can match the frenzy of speculation reported by the various rumour sites. However, it seems clear, even at this stage, that the iPad is likely to be a huge success, representing as it does a media device that people really will use in their living rooms for surfing, listening to music, watching movies and TV, and sending email. Unlike netbooks or laptops, it will feel much more natural and available. Even though it does so much less than the speculation considered likely, it does appear to do what it does brilliantly, and given the success of the iPhone it’s clear that people are drawn to the experience of a true computing appliance, without the file systems and the Start menu or whatever.