Stunning New Visual Identity for EnergySys

EnergySys today unveils a completely new visual identity, and a remade web site.

This is the result of a process that began in the summer of 2011 when the board at EnergySys decided to make some strategic changes to the way the company is perceived. David Petherick was appointed as Head of Marketing, and began a careful selection process involving some of the top design outfits in Scotland.


Where in the world is Digital Steps?

Were you looking for Digital Steps and got redirected to the EnergySys site? Have you heard the names of both companies and you’re simply curious about the relationship between the two? Maybe you don’t care about either company, but you need to kill time and this blog is providing a momentary distraction?…..

For those looking at the evolution of small businesses I think the history is interesting, and potentially instructive, although I wouldn’t like to oversell the message on either of those counts.