Does the BCS meet the needs of its members?

I’ve been a member of the BCS for a long time, and attended the meetings of some of the special interest groups over the years. My company has spent some time with SFIA and SFIAplus models as a potential basis for staff development and CPD. Incidentally, the abbreviation SFIA stands for Skills Framework for the Information Age, and I think you’d get extra points if you identified when the Information Age began (I’m not sure, but it’s possible that it may already be over?). Through all that, I’ve steadfastly maintained my belief that standards in the software industry have to improve, that CPD is essential, and that there’s a value in establishing something like a chartered status for those who demonstrate attainment of appropriate experience and expertise. I also maintained the thought that the BCS was the best vehicle we had for delivering all of this. Sadly, I’ve been consistently disappointed.