Our pricing model

Simple. No hidden fees

From day one, your business team is empowered: with no surprises.

Full telephone and email support is included in the pricing model, as are our regular, seamless product upgrades. There’s no long term contract and no complex licensing or deployment process – you are not tied in. Your data remains your data and free for you to exit easily, should you want to. Our clients work with us because we provide a great service, not because we’ve locked them in.

As it’s in the Cloud, there’s no hardware to buy or maintain, no software to license, install or patch, and no backups or disaster recovery infrastructure to worry about – we really mean ‘no hidden extra costs’. New subscribers can be added with appropriate roles as you go, and you can readily expand or change your assets as they come on-stream through your web browser. It’s easy, flexible, and powerful – that’s what we mean when we say ‘Nothing but results’.

Our simple pricing model, based on value, makes it easy to deliver the energysys.com platform’s power to the key people within your organisation, and use the Production Allocation Cloud as a strategic business tool. Nobody else offers production allocation in this way, at this price point, or has the ability to deliver such rapid geographically dispersed deployment.

We are happy to share details about how our existing customers are using and building on the energysys.com platform, as well as to demonstrate to you and your colleagues exactly how powerful that platform can be.

The Production Allocation Cloud from EnergySys: Nothing but Results

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