Women v Cancer | Esther’s Charity Bicycle Ride

S1-Esther-Hayes-150x150Our Operations Director, Esther Hayes, has recently returned from a grueling 450km bicycle ride from Vietnam to Cambodia, in which she managed to raise, with her twin sister, over £5,500 for Women v Cancer.

In this interview, Esther gives us a glimpse into the stunning journey across two of South East Asia’s most fascinating countries, and how she prepared for the mammoth ride.

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EnergySys Presenting at the ECIM Conference

“After reading over 57 published articles, and numerous websites and thinly-disguised sales pitches, and thinking about the different implementations and products, the conclusion I reached was, in the end, inescapable. Digital oilfield does not exist.”

EnergySys Managing Director, Dr Peter Black, is bringing his much-debated ‘Digital Oilfield: Ten Years On’ paper to ECIM this September.

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