EnergySys: Agile Apps for Agile Oil and Gas

Short video interview with Dr Esther Hayes discussing how EnergySys helps business become more agile, what the platform can do, and what makes it different to traditional systems.


Production Data Management: The importance of the Detail

Graham Scotton, Ex Dana Petroleum COO, delivers this inspiring session on the importance of production data.


What is Agility and Why Does it Matter?

Dr Peter Black, CEO of EnergySys, discusses agility and what it means for the oil and gas business.


Ad Hoc Reporting of Production Data Using Microsoft Excel

Take a look at one of the newer features of EnergySys – building ad hoc production reports by accessing your data in the Cloud directly from Microsoft Excel.


Why Do You Need An HA Solution?

A panel compiled from both the user and vendor side discuss the various benefits a robust Production Allocation and Reporting solution.


Better Access to Data Through Excel

Peter Westwood (Technical Director, EnergySys) walks you through unlocking excel spreadsheets to get the most out of your data and deliver the best from your HA system.


Keeping up with Hydrocarbon Allocation

A short session exploring how Taqa configures its HA system to keep on top of the dynamic North Sea oil and gas industry, bringing on new assets quickly and easily. Delivered by our self-professed number one fan!


EnergySys Demos On-Demand

An ever-growing library of on-demand demos demoing the most popular functions of EnergySys…all at a time thats convenient for you! No meetings, no tie-ins and no sales pitch.


Auditing and Hydrocarbon Allocation

A discussion around auditing in HCA and best practices.


Oil and Gas and the Changing Attitude to Cloud

The audience and panel at ‘Addressing the Challenges in Hydrocarbon Allocation’ on the shifting attitude towards the cloud


Mobile and BYOD in Oil and Gas

Panelists Ralph Watson (Apache) and Arthur Melet (IDC Energy Insights) share the advantages and pitfalls of mobility and BYOD for oil and gas companies.


The Future of Hydrocarbon Allocation

IDC Energy Insight Senior Research Analyst, Arthur Melet, discusses the future of HCA and what oil and gas companies should be doing to keep up


IT Security

A short video taken from our recent ‘Addressing the Challenges in Hydrocarbon Allocation’ event in Aberdeen, where the panel and audience discuss their concerns and issues around IT Security in oil and gas.


Data Standards in Oil and Gas

The audience and panel from our recent ‘Addressing the Challenges in Hydrocarbon Allocation’ share opinions around data standards in oil and gas.


Apache: Using EnergySys

Ralph Watson, seconded to Apache, discusses how long they have been using EnergySys for their production allocation and why they they are so happy with the system


Intertek: Challenges in Hydrocarbon Allocation

Wasiu Tella of Intertek discusses some of the challenges facing Hydrocarbon Allocation and how EnergSys can help you overcome these