Oil and Gas Company in a Box: Planning a Future in the Cloud


“The cloud revolution has already started.”

Dr Peter Black, Managing Director EnergySys

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Read This Paper If:

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  • You are considering moving to the cloud.
  • You are learning about the cloud.
  • You want to avoid buying a substandard cloud product.
  • Your current system is becoming hard to work around.
  • The thought of upgrading gives you a headache.
  • Your budget is shrinking and you need to do more with less resources.

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We know cloud technology has the ability to transform the oil and gas industry. We’re already seeing early adopters well placed to cope with the fluctuating oil price, and enquiries for our software is rising every month. However, there is still a lack of knowledge of what actually constitutes ‘the cloud’, and how it is delivered.

Dr Peter Black states in his latest whitepaper, “this resistance is not limited to users, who struggle to understand the best model for adoption, but extends to vendors, many of whom offer solutions that cannot easily be migrated to the cloud.”

The market has become saturated with software companies “cloud washing” their services. That is, adding the word “cloud” to product names as an attempt to generate market interest. All this combines to create “high licensing costs and high support costs, combined with disappointing quality and limited feature sets.”

True cloud software, by our standards, should be “fundamentally about service, not software”, and always stay true to the three tenets of cloud computing:

  • Pay for service, not software or hardware.
  • Pay for value delivered, not value promised.
  • You are in control, not without control.

Download Dr Peter Black’s ‘Oil and Gas Company in a Box: Planning a Future in the Cloud’ paper, and discover how you can make the change today.

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Get the Paper Now!

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“The choice is stark. Either develop a strategy for the cloud, or plan to be out of business within ten years.”

Dr Peter Black, Managing Director EnergySys

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In his prelude paper to ‘Oil and Gas Company in a Box: Planning a Future in the Cloud’, Dr Peter Black explored the role of cloud technology in oil and gas, and how it is already bringing transformational change to companies worldwide.

This paper, ‘The End of Corporate Computing: Revisited‘, looks at the changing role of IT, and examines the extent to which traditional approaches to IT are no longer fit for purpose. 

Using a mixture of case studies, expert references, and over 30 years knowledge of the oil and gas industry, Dr Black explains why the age of expensive man-time projects is over, how cloud can help you leverage market uncertainty into opportunity, why those that do not adopt it now will be left behind, and tips for getting started. 

Download the paper here.

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