Oil and gas IT is in crisis. Despite a booming market, there has been a pattern of prolonged under-investment combined with a chronic lack of vision.


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This is unsustainable, particularly given the new realities of oil and gas economics in the twenty-first century. The era of easy oil has passed, and there is a need for significant increases in productivity to ensure the profitability of difficult or marginal fields.

Within two years, services delivered from the public cloud are predicted to be an essential and significant component of IT delivery in the majority of oil and gas companies.

Oil and gas companies without a plan for movement to the cloud are already late in the adoption cycle, and their more agile competitors are likely to be significantly better placed to compete as a result.

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This paper covers the following topics:

  • The need for change in oil and gas IT
  • A new approach to IT
  • The cloud in action

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