“Effective and efficient management of production data is a critical task for any oil and gas company, but traditional solutions for production allocation and reporting have increasingly become cumbersome, costly and complex to implement and change”

Even so-called “standard” systems are unnecessarily expensive to acquire, maintain and upgrade, with clients paying for high-cost manpower to cleanse data, manage information, and to provide the necessary visualisation and reporting.

Cloud solutions, like EnergySys, are transforming the economics of oil and gas production reporting.

To find out the full impact of this change, get our new white paper: “Transforming Production Management: Allocation and Reporting of Volumes” now.

EnergySys client examples:

  • ZaZa Energy, a US Shale producer, was fully operational on a small set of shale assets within three weeks, with one team member
  • A Reservoir Engineer reduced the time he spent collating and validating data from 40 hours a month to 2 hours thanks to EnergySys
  • When TAQA acquired a portfolio of mature UK North Sea assets, the time taken to replace the original, “traditional” solution and implement EnergySys was approximately ten times faster with six times fewer resources.
  • Following a change in the regulations, a North Sea operator had to modify an emissions calculation, and add and share a new report. All of this, including changing the algorithm, storing the data, and sharing the new report with the relevant team members, was accomplished in two hours with no external help.
  • For a European oil and gas company with a large number of non-operated assets, the job of consolidating daily reports from multiple partners was reduced from one week a month using spreadsheets to two hours a month using EnergySys.

This paper will help you understand:

  • Why traditional solutions are expensive and slow to respond compared to the more agile Cloud offering

  • The “elephant in the room” – the curse of Spreadsheets and their impact on every aspect of the business from CEO to Production Technologist

  • The four pillars of agility and what they mean for you

  • Understand the full benefit from genuine cloud solutions, not simply hosted versions of traditional software

  • How EnergySys has reduced the time for implementation of a North Sea asset by a factor of ten, and the resource requirements by a factor of six

  • We will show how the individual needs of each function of the business are satisfied by an EnergySys solution

  • How, for the first time, costs are a predictable and assured component of unit lifting costs over life of field.

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EnergySys is the first cloud apps platform specifically designed for the agile oil and gas business. It’s ideal for companies that want to respond effectively to the constant change of our industry, giving them the power to add applications or modify them, without programming or expensive consultants. The result is the ability to make the right decisions quickly, based on accurate data.

Rapid implementation, up to 75% faster than traditional systems, means this is available within days not months or years. Whether you’re interested in our Production Allocation Standard, or any one of a range of standard apps, EnergySys gives you the freedom to deliver the functionality your agile business needs. And because it’s delivered in the cloud, you can expect regular updates with fantastic new functionality and new apps.

The price is proportional to the production under management, with no lock-in, no separate licensing fees or upfront investment. Just one simple, straightforward subscription.

Based in the UK, we have a growing list of global clients including Apache, TAQA and Addax.

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