“Digital Oilfield has not been associated with a clear and unequivocal set of goals that could produce real and dramatic performance improvement.”

Dr Peter Black, Managing Director EnergySys


  • The definition of Digital Oilfield
  • Why Dr Peter Black has never believed in its existence
  • How cloud creates transformational change
  • Where we should be focussing our attention to in order to increase performance and boost profits

In this paper ‘The Digital Oilfield Ten Years On: A Literature Review’, EnergySys Managing Director, Dr Peter Black, explores the role of the Digital Oilfield, whether it actually exists, and explores if we should be focussing elsewhere in order to improve performance and boost profits.

Using a mixture of case studies, expert references, and over 30 years knowledge of the oil and gas industry, Dr Black explains why he believes that the Digital Oilfield never existed in the first place, and why we should be focussing on cloud solutions instead.

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“Digital Oilfield was never a planned outcome. What we really want is to deliver safe, productive, and efficient assets.”

In this short clip, Dr Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys, explains why Digital Oilfield was never intended, and what we should be focussing on instead.
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