EnergySys: Investing in Security

At EnergySys, security of your data is our number one concern. We want to ensure that no-one except you, and the people who are authorised in your team, can access your data. We also want to continue to add new features and new technology to give you the confidence that the barriers to unauthorised access are the highest they can possibly be. To that end, in the new release of EnergySys we are delivering a major step forward in user authentication and management on our platform.

With this change, you will be able to use your EnergySys account to confirm your identity across all the EnergySys applications and, if you choose, use it to access any other cloud based applications that you or your organisation might select. And that’s not all. Your IT team will actually be able to create a single identity for you that includes your internal systems too.

You’ll have one identity, and one password, to access all of the services you use, no matter where they are. That means fewer passwords, more security, and easier user management.

Why OneLogin?

We have selected OneLogin as our partner as they are recognised as a world-leader in the field of identity services, offering a completely flexible solution in combination with the highest levels of security and the uptime guarantees we require. Note that none of your data is shared with OneLogin, and they simply provide identity services. There’s more information about OneLogin security and availability at this site:

In the short term, we’ll ask you to confirm your identity on the new platform. In the coming weeks, we will configure administrative accounts so that all User Management activities can be carried out by nominated users in your organisation without intervention from our support team. This will allow your team to quickly activate, update and deactivate accounts to satisfy your business needs.

We hope you enjoy EnergySys 5.3 and the new functionality it brings. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (

Step by Step Video

EnergySys 5.3 has introduced some great new security features that will make the management of your account and applications easier. This short video will walk you through the simple set up steps to activate your new account.

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