Radical New Approach

All EnergySys applications are in the Cloud, so all you need to use the system is a web browser. No downloads, no patches or upgrades to install, no hassle. It is available using a revolutionary monthly subscription model. Pay for what you want, when you need it. No barriers to entry or exit. Nothing but results.

The first complete production allocation solution with a monthly subscription fee. There’s nothing else to buy, and nothing to install.

Our Goals

The goals we set our engineers for EnergySys were pretty straightforward:

  • Make it faster and easier to deliver powerful and flexible applications for for the oil and gas industry, including production allocation and production reporting, sometimes referred to as hydrocarbon allocation.
  • Make it possible to perform routine changes, like adding a new well or updating the business rules, in as short a time as possible.
  • Make all changes securely and with an audit trail.
  • Empower the end user, so they have the option to do all of the work themselves.
  • Make the system look beautiful, and be fun to use.

The Proof

Okay. That last one might be a bigger challenge than the rest, but we really do believe that our team has built the most innovative application platform available today.

We take care of operations, backup, availability, reliability, system monitoring, network connectivity, cooling and security. You take care of your business. This isn’t just a slightly different product with the modish term ‘cloud’ dropped in. This is a radical transformation of the business model. For smaller organisations it has been difficult in the past to justify the cost of systems investment. They have had to make do with ad hoc schemes based on manual processes and shared spreadsheets, and have struggled to maintain effective audit trails and to avoid errors. For larger organisations, there’s a growing recognition that IT is not a core function. They also know that there’s a higher value in having access to a solution that can be deployed in days rather than months, and doesn’t require specialised in-house skills. Now, with EnergySys, it’s possible to access the best system available today with fixed monthly subscription pricing. We didn’t just think outside the box, we got rid of the box, and just thought.