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To get you started with the platform as quickly as possible, EnergySys and our partners have built some powerful template applications that represent a comprehensive solution for production allocation and reporting, loss management, deferments and forecasting. However, we recognise that each oil and gas company faces their own unique set of challenges, and sometimes our template applications aren't an absolutely perfect fit. That's why the EnergySys Cloud Platform is designed to make it possible for you to extend the templates and create your own applications.

Our application builder lets you create and modify virtually everything in the system. Manipulate the objects, like fields, wells, and well tests, and screens are automatically generated for editing and viewing. Use our built-in calculation engine to configure all of your business rules using spreadsheet formulae, including data import and validation. Configure workflows that allow you to define chains of processes, and execute them automatically on pre-defined events or at particular times. Create processes to export data in spreadsheets or XML files. Build powerful and useful ad hoc reports and dashboards.

Whether you need monthly, daily or hourly allocation, have onshore, offshore or LNG assets, EnergySys can be configured to handle them all. This makes it more flexible and scalable than any other solution available on the market. The limit is your imagination.

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Production accounting

Open reporting


EnergySys offers a variety of template applications for production accounting and reporting, pipeline reporting, forecasting, budgeting and tracking production, transport and sales.

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Our use of open data standards mean your reporting is more flexible, offers more effective data sharing, and more choice. Analytics isn't a costly add-on, it's open data combined with your preferred tool.

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ePMF is an industry-leading capability for production management. It leverages analysis to maximise production efficiency, and is a key step towards a complete integrated operations excellence solution.

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