Image of fist holding a spanner indicating configurability capabilities provided by the platform

PRODML and Energistics: Current Status

Flexibility is something we all need when looking at our IT solution.

What are the problems with the original PRODML standards and how can they be revised?

Image of a brain indicating expert approved and insights from decades of experience

Adaptive Learning in Distributed Environments

We all learn in different ways but how is the nature of learning changing, really?

Explore what Peter Westwood discovered when he delved into the world of adaptive learning.

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Conferences and meaningless PowerPoint usage

PowerPoint is the staple resource at many meetings and conferences across the globe. But how effective really is it?

Explore Dr. Peter Black's opinion on what would happen if people really engaged with their subject matter.

an image of the cloud which is key to digital transformation through the EnergySys platform

Our cloud service and its differences

The concept of cloud is often one shrouded in mystery. What benefits can it deliver? How does it work? Is my data safe?

Find out how our cloud service is different.

Image of both onshore and offshore assets in production

How we can fix standards efforts in oil and gas

Standards in oil and gas work to benefit data imports, exports and exchanges. This way, everyone is on the same page and the data doesn't get corrupted.

So, how do we achieve standardisation?

Shield to represent reliability through industry approval

Software standards that work

Having standards that are too complex to follow doesn't help anyone.

So, what are the issues and how can we progress from them?

The Benefits of Cloud: Part 1

Cloud is discussed in so many different ways that no on really knows what the true benefits are.

From a decrease in cost to an increase in value, find out more.

Image of a laptop showing EnergySys on the screen

Unreliable data and its cost

Data inaccuracy, inconsistency and insufficiency all create real problems for processes that rely on that data.

What is the real cost of data that can't be trusted?

an image of the cloud which is key to digital transformation through the EnergySys platform

Private cloud: ironing out the confusion

Private cloud is a concept that needs to be retired.

The idea has minimal value and confuses those who know little about cloud to start with.