Our Cloud, Your Way

We’ve been delivering services from the cloud since 2009, and in the past six years have developed significant expertise in this area. Our platform for Production Allocation and Reporting is used across the globe, and demonstrates the power of the cloud in reducing costs, accelerating deployment, and increasing value. The platform is the only product in this field built from the ground up to be secure, scalable, and multi-tenant, with absolute containment for client data.

We offer several deployment options, including the EnergySys Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud, so the benefits of EnergySys are available to everyone, even if you have organisational or country rules that prevent storage outside the firewall.

These options are available on a production-based subscription package, and offer customers the same support, regular updates, and full software monitoring and management that EnergySys are known for.

  • Agile apps for agile oil and gas
  • Rapid implementation
  • One simple, straightforward subscription
  • Your data stays your data


Built and managed by the EnergySys team on our own servers, and operated from resilient data centres, the EnergySys Cloud is our best and most economic option. It gives users a secure, flexible system that can provide a return on investment in weeks or months, not years. There are no upfront license costs, and no need to procure servers or storage, or buy and install software, 

In comparison, traditional solutions are cumbersome and demand significant investment in man-time services. The resulting projects are large, complex, risky and highly expensive. We aren’t surprised that many companies, large and small, decide to stick with or supplement traditional solutions with Excel spreadsheets.

The EnergySys Cloud is different. Everything is accessible via a standard web browser, including our ad hoc reporting capabilities, so you truly can access it securely from anywhere at any time.

With a minimum of two upgrades per year, delivery in the cloud is the way for us to make sure that you’ve got all the latest functionality, with the highest performance, and to get it without disruption to your business or systems.

Our dedicated team manage every aspect of the service on your behalf, including performance, availability, storage, backup, provisioning, and disaster recovery; our goal is to provide a better service than our customers would if they were to manage the system themselves.

Our Hybrid Cloud means that the primary service is delivered on-premises, with backup and disaster recovery in the EnergySys Cloud. This is a compelling economic proposition, offering maximum performance without requiring extensive on-premises infrastructure or specialist expertise.

A local instance of the EnergySys Platform, deployed on a dedicated server running the VMware hypervisor, acts as the service primary.

A point-to-point VPN connects this server with the EnergySys Cloud, allowing data to be mirrored to the cloud for both backup and disaster recovery. In the event of a failure of the on-premises server, the client can arrange to route traffic to the backup in the EnergySys Cloud.

The same VPN link is used for monitoring and management of the virtual machines (VMs) running on the server. There is no need for any local management of the local VMs, beyond hardware monitoring.

The local identity store, used for authentication, is federated with the cloud-based Identity Provider (IdP). Again, this provides both resilience and simplifies disaster recovery, should it ever be necessary.

However, the EnergySys Cloud does not need to be a simple replica of the on-premises instance. If a customer has multiple assets, for example, it is possible to have an instance of Corporate Reporting operating in the cloud, providing a summary of performance across assets. Further, mobile access to read-only data in the cloud can give the opportunity to securely access data from anywhere at any time.

For clients that want it, we can also provide the ability to migrate a portion of the load from the on-premises servers to the cloud instance, using it as a compute engine when loading is high, or as an email endpoint for data from field users and partners. This is an additional cost service.

For some customers, their organisational or country rules will not permit any storage of data outside the firewall. In this case, the EnergySys Private Cloud offering is an ideal choice.

Private Cloud deployments require a pair of servers, with associated storage, connected by a high-speed data link. Ideally these are placed in geographically distinct locations. Local backup services are also required for both database files, which are automatically generated and encrypted by the EnergySys Platform, and for archiving of calculation logs.

Again, a point-to-point VPN with the EnergySys Cloud Control Centre allows for the monitoring and management of the Private Cloud, and deployment of new releases. As with the Hybrid Cloud, no local management of storage, database, application software, or VMware server is required. All that is needed is monitoring of the hardware itself. We recommend use of our cloud-based IdP, though this can be federated with an internal directory, such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Production Allocation Standard

A complete end-to-end solution for Hydrocarbon Allocation and Reporting.


Reserves Reporting

Understand the present value and forecast future value of your reserves, from wherever you are.


Corporate Reporting

See the bigger picture and understand the performance of your business.


Environmental Reporting

A complete solution for greenhouse gas emissions and waste reporting.