What We Do

Hydrocarbon Allocation. Reimagined.

EnergySys is redefining the energy software market, beginning with Hydrocarbon Accounting, disrupting the status quo and focusing on the generation of real business value. This is software as it should be: simple, effective, and continually evolving. 

As the first 100% cloud-native platform for production data management and hydrocarbon accounting, the EnergySys Cloud Platform is secure, evergreen, and built for multi-tenancy. There’s no need for any installation beyond a browser and you can access it from any device at any time from anywhere. It’s completely configurable by end users who can incorporate any oil and gas asset, so you have the freedom to deliver the functionality your agile business needs.

We manage the entire service; software provision, hardware maintenance, platform security, and data storage and backup, so you can get on with the things that only you can do. We’ve also developed a pricing model that makes things clear and simple. One simple, straightforward annual subscription for the EnergySys Cloud Platform gives you everything you need.

Nothing else is as scalable, or offers a clearer value proposition.