The Agility Manifesto

We believe that Agility means having the power to do what you need to do, when you need to do it, without requiring that you pay for expensive consultants. We believe that Agility is about putting the power in your hands, letting you control your own data, and tracking how it is accessed and used. We believe that Agility is about making it easy and really, really quick to change the apps you use, or even build entirely new apps, in response to any kind of business change. We believe that Agility means you need to be able to make those changes in a fraction of the time required for traditional systems. And when you’re done, we believe that Agility means being able to access your data securely from any device, anywhere, at any time.


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Agility Means:

  • Secure access to your data anywhere, at any time, on any device
  • Rapid implementation, up to 75% faster than traditional systems
  • Knowing when data is changed, and who changed it
  • Having the right data to make the right decisions

In this 15-minute video, Dr Peter Black, CEO of EnergySys, discusses agility and what it means for the oil and gas business.


With diagrams and real life examples, watch this short session to understand the motivation behind EnergySys and how we are transforming production data management.

What our clients say

“I couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to implement EnergySys. The cloud platform and flexible interface is exactly what we needed to keep up with our dynamic operating teams. The EnergySys team performed remarkably during a tight integration timeline. And since then, they’ve been there whenever we’ve needed any help. Their direct and immediate support model truly sets them apart."
BP Lower 48, USA
"I like the automatic data uploads (from PI) and processes (monthly reports). Both of these aspects save time and reduce error. Since implementing EnergySys, I have found that there is more organisation, an auditable process and a move away from spreadsheets which improves accuracy."
Ithaca Energy, UK
"We've been working with EnergySys for 15 years now…and I think that's the important thing, to have that personal touch'  
Apache logotype
"TAQA needed their production allocation solution to work in conjunction with OFM for in depth reporting. The EnergySys platform easily integrates with third party software.”
TAQA Bratani, UK
"What we've just done and how quickly we've done it, would not have been possible with any other tool"
TAQA Bratani, UK
"I like the idea of building something web-based that I or any of my employees can operate. It's not like a big heavy software system that sits on a server and requires a lot of attention or maintenance" Norbert Csaszar, President
Midenergy Operating, Texas USA

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