Welcome to the “Focus on the Future” Virtual Forum 

In response to the downturn and unsteady oil and gas environment, companies need to utilise new technology to aid performance, restore business efficiency, reduce costs, and stimulate activity.

EnergySys held a “Focus on the Future” forum in Aberdeen in December 2016, which explored how IT can help companies in becoming more successful, despite the current climate.

We had presentations from two leading experts, and invaluable questions from our distinguished audience.

Our first speaker, former Global ERP Manager of Shell and IT Consultant, Doug Webster, examined the future role of IT in Oil and Gas, highlighted why this downturn is different to previous ones, and identified the specific challenges for both survival and growth.

Our CEO, Dr Peter Black, also presented his highly acclaimed assessment of the Digital Oilfield, and evaluated the strength of technology in increasing business performance.

We have included the recordings so that you may view them in your own time.

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EnergySys Managing Director, Dr Peter Black, with former Global ERP Manager of Shell and IT Consultant, Doug Webster

“Leaders must help their companies survive through the downturn and prepare for an exciting new era of IT” 


Doug Webster, former Global ERP Manager of Shell and IT Consultant, kicked off the forum with an engaging presentation on how companies can use technology to improve their performance, attract investment, restore competitiveness in the marketplace, and stimulate activity in the North Sea. 

He covers: 

  • Why this oil and gas downturn is different from any other,  
  • The “Big Disruptors” in the next wave of IT, 
  • The challenges ahead for both survival and growth, and; 
  • The changing role of IT and business leaders. 

‘The Digital Oilfield doesn’t exist. Oil and gas companies must learn to ‘free the porcupine’


Dr Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys, closes the forum with his highly-acclaimed assessment of the Digital Oilfield, and discusses what technology we should be focusing on to fully optimise business performance. 


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