The Role of Cloud in the Journey to Net Zero

Businesses are facing mounting pressure to address their impact on the climate.

In our recent Challenges in HVR survey (take the survey here) 85% of oil and gas respondents say their primary business challenge is reducing carbon emissions.

Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic had a positive impact on emissions, but at the expense of growth and employment.

As we ease out of lockdown into the ‘new norm’, the question now is how to drive down net emissions while maintaining profitability and economic growth?

Part of the solution is implementing the right IT and technology.

Get our ‘The Role of Cloud in the Journey to Net Zero’ paper and learn about the four key features for reducing carbon emissions:

  • IT operational efficiency 
  • IT equipment efficiency 
  • Data centre infrastructure efficiency  
  • Cloud providers sourcing green energy 


It is not just a case of better managing one energy-hungry component of the business: making the move to the cloud has the potential to deliver improvements across the entire organisation. Get it right and you can cut direct energy use, support energy-saving initiatives such as remote working, reduce operational costs and, at the same time, substantially improve carbon footprint.

Drawing from several studies and findings, this paper will show you the massive impact a revolution in IT infrastructure can have on achieving carbon footprint goals.

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