Data Success in 5 Steps

The Road to Data Success

Clear and concise management is key to data success. In order to maximise the value of each opportunity, you’ve got to begin with the data.  

IT systems can be restricting rather than rewarding, which leads to companies having to sacrifice essentials. For instance, users have found that they’ve experienced losing flexibility and security in order to adapt to the rapidly changing industry.  

We reckon there’s a better way.   

Cloud-native software, like EnergySys, allows you to manage your data successfully because our platform enables more effective data sharing and scalability.  

A subscription to the Production Allocation Cloud opens an avenue of opportunity for your data success. For example, the service’s base in the cloud means that assets can be added at any time. Instead of countless man hours, automation takes the lead. 

Let’s look at the opportunities that make for successful management of data with the EnergySys platform.   

1. Bring-Your-Own Reporting

The platform gives users the freedom and authority to bring your own reporting (BYOR). For example, building dashboards quickly and easily, simply by directing your OData-compliant reporting tool to your personal feed.  

Powerful reporting through the web-services interface means that you’re able to report using any OData-compliant third-party tool. Use anything from Excel to Power BI to Spotfire in order to give you and your team the comfort of what you’re familiar with. 

Every modern version of Microsoft Excel has OData support built in, which means that the associated Power Query language can pull selected data into Excel. You can create charts and tables that are easy to share with your internal users and partners. The ability to refresh the information from the cloud service is right within your reach. 

The combination of rapid configuration and reporting makes possible things you’d only imagined before. No programming. Just configuration.  

Step one to data success.

2. Process Reports

We know how important Excel is for data presentation and charting. It’s an easy tool to store your data in bulk in a format that makes sense to you and your team. Sometimes it’s the fastest way to get your data presented exactly as you want it. Sometimes you simply have a spreadsheet that already has a “reporting” tab.  

That’s where Process Reports come in. Users can simply designate a tab, or even multiple tabs, as a report and then the EnergySysCloud Platform will extract it automatically. This process requires no formulae and also makes your data available for download or email.   

The ease of sharing data in a clear and concise way is a key component in ensuring that everyone in your business is on the right page.  

3. Regulatory Reports

Traditionally, most statutory reports require a set of data to be gathered from multiple objects before it can be laid out in a pre-specified format. The Statutory Reporting module within the EnergySys platform allows calculations to be specified to gather this information. The module then records it against pre-defined report sections and data codes, making the process easier and more efficient than before 

Scalability is a factor within production allocation and reporting that is of vital importance. Our template application allows any number of report structures to be created.  

The rules are defined to calculate the data for any production facility and the mechanism can be used to calculate derived results of any kind. These calculations can be made whether they are associated with a formal report or not.  

Users now have the power to choose the style of report alongside how many structures are necessary. Easypeasy. 

4. Corporate Reporting

Access to the bigger picture. That’s what we want our users to gain from the EnergySys platform. With the Corporate Reporting module, you’re now able to monitor and understand performance better than ever before. 

Anyone who needs to understand the data being delivered will be able to view the assets within a single report. This capability removes unnecessary manual data gathering from various spreadsheets. It allows the tedious and repetitive work to take a back seat and for automation to allow the recipients to simply view the results. 

You might think that a module such as this requires vast knowledge to be fully effective. In fact, this solution wants for very little training. No hiccups, no excessive time wasted, no problem. 

5. An Evergreen Service for Data Success

When it comes to data success, it’s ideal to have functionality that remains on top of things. The regular updates in the cloud mean that users will always have access to the best version of the software. 

Not only this, but the user only needs an internet connection to run seamlessly. We want to ensure secure storage of your data, which is why we have disaster protocols in place for your peace of mind. 

This solution is powerful yet intuitive. Users won’t have to go through days of training or invest in complex equipment. Though EnergySys is a revolutionary platform, we also want to make it as easy for the user as possible in order to improve your experience of the service.  

The road to data success has never been simpler.