Digital Transformation with EnergySys

What is Digital Transformation? First and foremost, it’s about increasing productivity and efficiency through the implementation of streamlined, efficient and automated IT solutions that deliver lower costs. While the definition is clear, the challenge is not only to work out what is possible in your business, but to work out what change will deliver the maximum benefit in the shortest time. Digital Transformation means nothing without results.  

We’ve been delivering helping companies to realise the benefits of Digital Transformation for ten years now. We’ve demonstrated that companies can realise dramatic improvements in their management of production data and their implementation of hydrocarbon accounting and production reporting. We’ve lowered the barriers to adoption and put transformative change within reach of companies of every size and scale. In short, we’ve demonstrated that Digital Transformation is real. 

Transform with the Cloud 

Most companies now recognise that cloud is the future, but in oil and gas there’s a lack of true cloud-native, evergreen applications that can power change. Fortunately, the EnergySys Cloud Platform delivers both results and leadership in this space. It is a truly transformative platform for change, with the flexibility to handle the widest range of asset types. What’s more, despite being the most configurable solution on the market, it’s also a true standard. Every customer is using the same version of the software, no matter what applications they configure and run. And regular upgrades are delivered without disruption, and with a guarantee that all applications will run unchanged.   

The move to cloud is a practical first step towards delivering successful Digital Transformation. Think about the transformation in the way we bank. Most people and companies now rely on mobile and online banking, providing both security and convenience. By re-imagining oil and gas IT as a cloud-only service, EnergySys has delivered the same benefits and opportunities for its customers.  

And when we re-imagined the delivery model, we didn’t stop at the platform level. We realised that straightforward integration and data access, based on open standards, is essential for agile companies. We avoided the lock-in that’s common with legacy on-premises platforms like Tieto’s Energy Components and developed mechanisms that make data upload and retrieval both fast and secure. EnergySys provides these open APIs, meaning you have access to the same capabilities that the development team do, creating a completely open standard that allows easier integration. 


Another cornerstone of Digital Transformation is automation. By automating business processes and reporting you can free up time for your team to focus on jobs that require their particular skills. 

As an example from one of our customers, TAQA uses EnergySys to build chains of business processes that run automatically, notifying users via email when jobs are complete or when there’s data missing. This not only expedites routine work, but because the core logic is held in spreadsheets in the server, you don’t need to wait for specialists to make any changes you need. 

Take the Next Step 

Digital Transformation is within reach with EnergySys. And because we’re constantly updating and improving the service, you know that a subscription to EnergySys means you are always ahead of the curve.  

To find out how EnergySys can help you deliver Digital Transformation, get in touch.