Digital Transformation in Hydrocarbon Accounting

Efficiency is vital in the oil and gas industry, and operators are constantly on the hunt for a competitive edge as they seek to produce hydrocarbons as cost-effectively as possible. This drive for efficiency has seen the industry shift towards automation that reduces human error and cuts costs. This change is particularly evident in mature plays such as the North Sea and the US onshore, where cost constraints are such that more and more must be done with fewer and fewer staff.

In these circumstances companies must choose solutions for hydrocarbon accounting (HCA) that help to minimise the risk of error, improve efficiency, and enhance opportunities for automation. It should also be possible to deliver oversight of a wide range of assets across a diverse set of geographical locations and jurisdictions. Use of open data standards is vital in supporting fast and easy integration with applications like ERM, GIS, and reserves and well management.

However, traditional HCA solutions fail to deliver on any of these requirements. They are expensive, difficult to use, and slow to implement. They are a drag on the business and create problems rather than providing a solution.


Cloud computing delivers

Think how many man hours programmers, database administrators and infrastructure teams are spent on legacy HCA solutions. Now, think: are the results perfect? Are the solutions flexible? Are they delivering the agile business models that we want? Odds are, you said ‘no’ to all of these.

The growth of data analytics and cloud-based computing is revolutionising the way oil and gas companies now do business, and EnergySys is ensuring that HCA is leading this charge. Flexibility replaces rigidity. Efficiency is maximised. Productivity is dramatically increased.

EnergySys is a cloud-native platform for production data management and hydrocarbon accounting.  It can be accessed from any device at any time from anywhere, and there’s no need for any installation beyond a browser, eliminating the need for programming and database administration. Its flexibility provides the user with complete control over the configuration of applications and assets. It’s the right choice for the new era, and it’s the solid foundation for your digital transformation.


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